Mass Limousine Service LLC


A top-rated limousine service provider ensures your ride exceeds satisfaction time after time using only luxury model vehicles.

Mass Limo LLC, delivering premium transportation services across the Northeastern region, ensures our clients enjoy premium, reliable, and safe transportation services. Our commitment extends beyond merely getting you from point A to B; we tailor elegant services to taste you a seamless and luxurious journey based on your specific needs. Our diverse portfolio of services caters to a wide range of requirements, whether you’re looking for efficient airport transportation, indulging in the exuberance of a party bus rental, seeking point-to-point transportation, requiring town car services, or searching for professional corporate car hire services. Whatever your transportation needs, we promise a service marked by punctuality, professionalism, and uncompromised quality.


Service areas we are covering now

We are expanding our services across a broad geographic range. We are proud to offer our top-tier transportation services in the following regions:

Whether you need a comfortable airport transfer, a luxurious town car for a special event, or efficient point-to-point transport, we’ve covered you in these areas. Our wide-reaching coverage ensures that you can trust us for your transportation needs, regardless of location in these regions. Our white-collar drivers are well-known for the ins and outs of these areas, ensuring smooth, efficient, and prompt services. Mass Limo LLC believes in breaking down geographical barriers to deliver outstanding service to all our clients, wherever they may be.

Airport Transportation Services

Our airport transportation services are designed to eliminate the stress and unpredictability of travel days. With punctuality as our top priority, reach your destination comfortably and hassle-free without any inconvenience. Our well-maintained fleet of vehicles is equipped with plush seating and modern amenities to provide a relaxing environment where you can catch up on work or unwind.

We offer a diversification of features to enhance your airport transportation experience. Tracking your flight to adjust your pick-up or drop-off times based on real-time flight information, ensuring you’re never left waiting. The welcoming “meet-and-greet” service adds a special touch to your travel. Our reliable airport drop-off and pick-up service means you can trust us to be there when you need us, ensuring a smooth start and end to your travel day.

Party Bus Rental Service

Our party bus rental service redefines group travel, enveloping you in a luxurious, entertainment-filled bubble as you travel to your destination. We excel at transforming journeys into memorable experiences, ensuring your event starts the moment you step onto our party bus. From bachelor or bachelorette parties to proms and corporate events, birthday parties, or sweet sixteen, our party buses are the perfect setting to kick-start the celebrations.

To enhance your onboard experience, we packed the party buses with amenities decoration. 

Our state-of-the-art entertainment system, featuring high-quality sound and lighting, sets the stage for an unforgettable party while you’re on the move. The spacious interiors offer ample space for dancing, mingling, or relaxing, comfortably accommodating large groups. Remember our professional chauffeurs, who ensure your journey is smooth and safe and handle every detail meticulously, freeing you to enjoy your event without any worries. With Mass Limo LLC, your party begins the moment you step on board.

Point-to-Point Transportation Service

Our point-to-point transportation service offers convenience and efficiency, ideally suited for various travel requirements. Whether planning a night out on the town, heading to a special event, or requiring transportation for a day full of appointments, we promise reliable and swift transportation from one point to another, eliminating the need to navigate public transport or search for parking.

Our point-to-point transportation service includes exceptional flexibility and personalized routes curated to meet your specific needs. We acknowledge that every client’s journey is distinct and unique, so we cater our services to your particular requirements. Our expert drivers are well-versed in the city’s layout, ensuring they choose the most efficient routes, saving valuable time. Additionally, our direct transfers eliminate the need for multiple stops. You can sit back, relax, and trust us to provide a smooth, natural, and prompt journey designed exclusively around your needs and convenience.

Town Car Service

Our town car service is a testament to luxury and sophistication, catering to those seeking a refined journey. Traveling in one of our town cars is about reaching your destination and enjoying the journey, marked by plush interiors and a smooth ride.

Our main attraction of this service includes an impressive fleet of high-end town cars, each meticulously maintained to deliver an immaculate travel experience. You’ll find luxurious seating, generous legroom, and modern amenities designed to create a relaxing and productive environment. Our professional chauffeurs bring years of experience, ensuring your journey is comfortable and conducted with utmost punctuality and efficiency. Their attention to detail, from greeting you with a warm smile to handling your luggage, sets our service apart.

Corporate Car Hire Service

Whether it’s a crucial meeting, corporate event, or routine travel between offices, our corporate car hire service is the perfect blend of professionalism, reliability, and luxury, specifically designed to meet the demands of business travel. We understand that in the corporate world, time is of the essence, and our services are designed to offer prompt, punctual, and reliable transport, ensuring you arrive at your destination relaxed and on time. 

Principal features of this service include the availability of a diverse fleet of luxury vehicles from which you can choose based on your preference and requirement. Each car has state-of-the-art features that provide the perfect atmosphere for work or relaxation. One of our exclusive offerings for corporate clientele is premium booking, which offers benefits such as priority bookings, personalized routes, and flexible payment options. Let our agent know your corporate status to get your on-time service so you never have to worry about being late for a meeting or event. Our corporate car hire service is not just about transportation but about creating superior travel experiences that meet and exceed your business needs.

Booking and Reservation Process

Booking a reservation with us is simple and can be done either online or by giving us a call. You can navigate through our website’s booking section online and select the desired service with a few clicks. Just provide the required information, like where you want to be picked up, where you want to go, the date, time, and the kind of vehicle you need. Now, step forward and complete this by checkout. If you prefer a more personal touch, call our customer service line 24/7, where our friendly staff will guide you through the booking process and answer any queries you might have. We believe in simplifying the booking and reservation process for our clients. A user-friendly and efficient system is in place to cater to your transportation needs. 


We  prioritizes transparency and efficiency in its reservation process. Once you’ve booked, a reservation confirmation is promptly sent to your email. The confirmation will contain all the necessary information regarding your travel itinerary, including the total cost. This way, you’ll get everything you need, assuring you of a seamless, worry-free experience with us. 


Our service excellence is reflected in these testimonials, which showcase our dedication to providing stellar transportation services. At Mass Limo LLC, we strive to create positive experiences and lasting relationships with our clients.

We really care about clear and simple communication. It’s important for building and keeping strong, long-term relationships with our customers. If you need assistance with booking, have any questions about what we offer, or anything else, tell us. Our customer support team is friendly, helpful, and ready to assist you.

Please remember, we’re more than just a transportation service. We genuinely care about your satisfaction and want to go above and beyond to provide you with superior customer support.


Mass Limo LLC stands as a beacon of dedication, commitment, and excellence in the provision of various transportation services designed to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. As we navigate the roads, we’re not just driving vehicles but crafting exceptional travel experiences. We brighten your journeys with the promise of safety, convenience, luxury, and professional service.